Why did you decide to co-produce Expanding Reality?

Michael Pascal replies

When I was 17 years old I fell into a coma. Just before, I was fishing in the ocean, and the sun was beaming strong on my head. When I returned home, I fainted. The doctor then told my parents that I could die. I remember all of my senses were very present. While I was laying down on the floor I could see and hear everybody… And, at the same time, I had the feeling that my mind was moving out of my body. It was as if I was moving from the beach to the ocean. At that moment, I had the impression that the beach represented life, and the ocean the afterlife.

This was an amazing felling! It was like life was being expanded. I remember that I had the choice to decide to stay in the ocean- in the afterlife- or to come back to life.

I chose to come back to this life. I felt the sensation of swimming from the ocean to the beach… From an experience of life much grander than this one and back again.

Since this experience, I’ve said all of the time: I see beyond the appearance, I see the Light.

This is one of the many teachings that I received from my spiritual director, Chepa Dorje Rinpoche, in the 20 years of learning from him. He was a Tibetan Buddhist Monk from the Nygma Tradition whom I met suddenly in a coffee shop in Paris. Since that moment, and during the next 15 years, I was very close to him. He taught me how to see life beyond the appearances.

During this time, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Mario Beauregard. I was simultaneously fascinated in understanding how science explains this concept of seeing beyond the appearances. Immediately we became friends. We had deep conversations about Buddhism, and Mario’s latest discoveries regarding the relationship between mind, consciousness, and brain.

Dr. Mario Beauregard had since encouraged me to direct a movie… But not just any movie, a visionary film. He knew that I had the ability to defy all of the rules of filmmaking; I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch documentaries, I don’t go to theater. I work solely by vision.

Since 2014, Dr. Mario Beauregard has worked with Dr. Gary Schwartz and other scientists to push forward the postmaterialist movement within science. In August 2017, they gathered in Tucson, Arizona, to create the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences.

When Mario asked me to come to Tucson to direct a documentary film about the new science of consciousness and the emerging postmaterialist paradigm, I’ve immediately had a vision: the idea of shooting the spirits of Nature came to me. I also knew right away that this documentary would be very special.

This movie is special indeed, not only because of the themes treated, but also since Nature is an active part of the cast. In truth, She has invited us to watch, and to enter into a relation with Her.

Why did you decide to co-produce

Expanding Reality the movie?

Dr. Mario Beauregard replies

During the last 10 years, my inner guidance pushed me to becoming involved in the creation of this documentary movie.

Expanding Reality is about the emerging postmaterialist paradigm and the next great scientific revolution. Why is it important? Because this paradigm has far-reaching implications. For instance, it re-enchants the world and profoundly alters the vision we have of ourselves, giving us back our dignity and power as human beings. The postmaterialist paradigm also fosters positive values such as compassion, respect, care, love, and peace, because it makes us realize that the boundaries between self and others are permeable. In doing so, this paradigm promotes an awareness of the deep interconnection between ourselves and Nature at large. In that sense, the model of reality associated with the postmaterialist paradigm may help humanity to create a sustainable civilization and to blossom.

In documentaries about nature, we always see beautiful images of our world, the colors are perfect, and we dream to be a part of it. But these films never reveal the spirits of Nature, and how Nature is actually watching us.

In this documentary movie, we see for the first time how Nature has spirits everywhere: in trees, in stones, etc. We also hear postmaterialist scientists explain that reality is beyond what we perceive.

Not only through conversations and images but also via music, this film expands our consciousness and our perception of reality.

Expanding Reality invites us to the grandest experience of life.

Let the Nature watch you.

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