Leigh J McCloskey


Is a modern renaissance man. He is an artist, author, actor and visual Hermetic philosopher. His life, career and art reveal in beauty and meaning his devotion to the ideal of cultivating renaissance and imaginative rebirth through shared enthusiasm for the more interesting and inspiring stories of being human.

McCloskey has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood as a professional actor starring in numerous TV and film productions.

In 2005 Keith Richards selected McCloskey’s art to tour with the Rolling Stones for their “A Bigger Bang Tour.” More recently art from his illuminated books, The CODEX TOR, formed the visuals for Flying Lotus’ highly acclaimed album, Cosmogramma.

[ *See “Cosmogramma: Inside the Codex,” youtube.]

He has written, illustrated and published seven books as well as many articles.

McCloskey’s Hermetic masterwork of art and writing, “Tarot ReVisioned” was reviewed as quite possibly the most significant contribution to the tradition in over 100 years. Leigh lectures both nationally and internationally and has been a regular presenter with the New York Open Center’s Esoteric Quest series. He has given numerous talks and presentations of his mythic art and profound visual philosophy.

Leigh was born and raised in Malibu, CA. He is the son of the late Malibu artist Joseph G McCloskey (*one of the originating founders of the Malibu Art Association.) He and his wife, Carla returned to make Malibu their permanent residence in 1982. They have hosted weekly discussion groups and public/private events at their home since that time. Leigh named their home Olandar from stories he had told his daughters when they were little girls. He created the “ideal philosophical seed” of Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance or OFFER and Olandar Press Ltd. Within their upstairs library studio Leigh has painted his remarkable 3D masterwork, The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul or THOTHS Library that he began with the advent of the Watcher Language on 9-11-01.

He has posted many of his talks on youtube. Please visit his website or google his name with the word art to see more.