Michel Pascal


Since my childhood, I’ve been a director, composer, and writer. When I was eight years old, Santa offered me a Super 8 projector and a few Charlie Chaplin films. My first reaction was to take scissors and tape to re-edit these short movies. Then I learned to play flute and guitar, and to compose music. I also designed posters that were put in various places in the house, and I invited my family to watch the new movies.

I spent all my days writing novels, editing, composing, and singing. I was never interested in going to the theater to see movies, or to read books.

When I was 32 years old, I went to the NotreDame Cathedral in Paris, and I decide to write a play about the Medieval Period. Although I never learned to write for the theater. I found a way to present the play to Peter Brooke, the creator of the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg. When Brooke read the play, he decided to become my producer. The play had a big success in Paris, and I received many propositions for movies and theater. But I decided to just follow my spiritual track.

I directed my first prime time documentary for TF1, the biggest European TV Channel. This documentary film was about the Titanic, and it was a huge success because we discover in this movie that many people experienced true premonitions regarding the sinking of this ship.

Thanks to this, director James Cameron asked to me to represent him at the premiere of his third documentary “Ghost of the abyss” in Paris. After that, TF1 asked me to direct five new documentaries about the Titanic.

Later I went to the Himalayas and directed a documentary titled “Lhamo”. In this film, we discover the life of nuns in a Buddhist monastery. Next, I wrote and directed a play about Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux, Little Flower. This play has become a huge success, and has been performed over a 1000 times around the world. I am currently implicated in the creation of a new App, in collaboration with Cristobal Valecillos, video director of Rihanna. Living now in Hollywood, I also direct and produce spiritual projects.